Stuff Stuck To Cars, Vol 117

  1. Ha!
  2. Dumb.
  3. I'm so sorry that this is a bad picture. This car was in a poorly lit parking garage. It's Donald Trump kissing Vladimir Putin. The next sticker was also on this car.
  4. It says "Bad Hombres." Beautiful.
  5. Handprints in the dirt. Nice.
  6. Creepy as hell.
  7. Truth That Transforms Lives.
  8. Oregon Old Time Fiddlers Association.
  9. Between metal detecting and gold prospecting, this could be me one day.
  10. Ha.
  11. "Democrats are sexy...who has ever heard of a good piece of elephant."
  12. Music Millennium was a great record store, and they're supposedly the ones who came up with Keep Portland Weird