Stuff Stuck To Cars, Vol 14, Hate Edition.

  1. I was following this truck. Patriotic?
  2. A Trump / Pence supporter, as expected.
  3. Side note: Whenever I see flags on a truck, it is pretty much always accompanied by some sort of Republican bumper sticker. Why is that? I've got ideas, but they're just that, so I'll keep those thoughts to myself and let you draw your own conclusion if you so choose.
  4. Anyway...
  5. A Gun In Your Hand Beats A Cop On The Phone. I'll be honest, this is so aggressive that I feel threatened. If somehow I got in an accident with this guy, I would expect to get shot.
  6. Real Presidents Don't Apologize For Their Country. What is this referring to? I recall some BS about President Obama saying something that got misconstrued and twisted, but I can't come up with the details.
  7. Dads Against Daughters Dating Democrats, Lifetime Member. Have. I worries. I think any young Democrats would take one look at this truck and move on.
  8. OBAMA-NOMICS: The "Change"I Have Left After Paying Your Bills. I assume this means "paying Democrats' bills." I pay my own fair share, thank you very much. Also, the man you voted for President hasn't paid taxes in nearly two decades, so...
  9. Hillary For Prison 2016 and OH $H*+, Life's A Bitch, Don't Elect One. Why do you feel the need to call names? That's petty and childish. Stop being a bully.
  10. This is hateful and threatening and very unpatriotic. Why does this guy feel such a strong need to prove his patriotism? I think if you love America and want to show it, do some volunteer work, clean up trash off the side of the road, support those less fortunate than yourself rather than complain about "paying their bills"?
  11. And BTW, Democrats don't have a monopoly on government assistance. It's pretty evenly split between Democrats and Republicans, so calm down.