Stuff Stuck To Cars, Vol 22.

  1. Not stuck to a car, but still appalling. And not my ugly mug, although that's appalling too. This giant Dodge RAM 2500 sits for nearly 45 minutes every day in the school parking lot, waiting to pick up their kid. Engine running! Every day!! ENGINE RUNNING! For 45 minutes!!
  2. The worst. You're not even bragging about your own dog, but rather a dog that your child owns. Weird.
  3. The picture doesn't show the O that well, but this says "Northwest." I like it.
  4. This is a Jeep's spare tire. That little red Jeep is about an inch tall.
  5. Sadly this was quite a ways away. It's Marvin The Martian.
  6. A plumb bob? That's weird.
  7. I only added this one because we so rarely have icicles in the greater Portland area.
  8. Free Geek is a fantastic local non profit where you can donate old computers and they fix them and give them to low income people.
  9. Yeah, I get this; respect and all. But the implication is that protest isn't okay. We're not allowed to speak out. It frustrates me bigly.
  10. I think this is a logo from a fishing equipment company, buy no matter - I like it.
  11. This is from MOD Pizza. The pizza is so-so, but the stickers are free.