Stuff Stuck To Cars, Vol 23.

  1. This blurry, but says "MARY KAY." I always wonder how much makeup you have to sell to get one of these.
  2. He's tanned, rested and Ready. Nixon in 96'. Mojo Nixon, that is. We dodged a bullet there!
    Also, why is the apostrophe after the 96? It should be before, because it's replacing "19."
  3. This one cracks me up. Hahaha. Someone stuck a PORSCHE label on an ugly SUV. Good prank.
    My finger is just there to cover the license plate. I'm not pointing at anything.
  4. Is that...
  5. It is! It's a giant spider stuck to the top of this SUV. Weird.
  6. A hand drawn smiley face.
  7. Did you know that the University of Oregon is the only school that Disney allows to use one of their likenesses?
  8. Boneyard Beer. Good logo.
  9. I saw a deadhead sticker on a...Ford. So close.
  10. The Beatles, part I.
  11. The Beatles, part II.
  12. That's cute, but, like, is there a dog getting higher billing than a kid there?
  13. Oh how I wish it had been light when I saw this car. They'd Sharpied stuff all over it.
  14. I AM NOT ASHAMED OF THE THINGS I AM and I CUT TIES WITH THE THINGS I DREAD were the only ones I could make out, but this car was plastered with sayings like this.
  15. KING RANCH. Weird.