Stuff Stuck To Cars, Vol 45

  1. Haha. So true.
  2. Zombie Outbreak Response Team.
  3. What!
  4. This looks familiar, but I don't know what it's from.
  5. We love out Trailblazers here in Oregon.
  6. Keiki means child in Hawaiian. And I'm sure the d fell off of board, but it's kind of funny because there are wild boars in Hawaii.
  7. The bottom left of the license plate are bullets and the upper left is a rifle. Yikes.
  8. These three are from my friend's husband's truck.
  9. Her husband hand makes fly rods.
  10. I totally agree.
  11. Gross.
  12. Oh come on! Den Henley would never sing "I saw a deadhead sticker on a Volkswagen." Are they even trying?!