Stuff Stuck To Cars, Vol 49

  1. Washington, oregon, Idaho. That's kind of cool.
  2. This person had a gun in their car, guaranteed. Extreme right wing.
  3. I thoroughly this was a sticker for KKK. Yikes.
  4. Rude.
  5. I took this picture, which is on the front windshield on the driver's side while walking through a parking lot. While a guy was in the driver's seat. I'm nervous about that sort of thing, son pretended to be texting.
  6. Single girl.
  7. I wish I knew what this is about.
  8. These always make me feel weird. I don't get them.
  9. The truth is out there.
  10. I think this is for a college, but I like the entertained F and G. Well done.