Stuff Stuck To Cars, Vol 5

  1. I like this.
  2. I have had so many cars with this goddamned sticker cut me off in traffic it's not even funny. It's like putting this sticker on your car is prepayment for being an ass.
  3. Absolutely not.
  4. Better, but still no.
  5. Are you even kidding me!?
  6. While not stuck to the car...creepy.
  7. This is my friend's car. Let's zoom in...
  8. Bill Nye The Science Guy agrees!
  9. MTV Scientist Jenny McCarthy disagrees. The rest of the medical science world agrees.
  10. True.
  11. This gets me hot.
  12. Except Ken Ham.
  13. Fun!
  14. Were they paid to stick this to their car?
  15. Bite me.