Stuff Stuck To Cars, Vol 51

  1. This is kind o weird.
  2. Here's the left side of the car above. Still weird.
  3. Meow
  4. That's a very faded "big red shoe" of Ronald Mcdonald.
  5. This looks like Starbucks but it says "I ❤ GUNS & BACON."
  6. F'ing Chivers. Stupid.
  7. Two rosaries. I assume they're praying that it doesn't rain, because they have TWO blue tapes from a car wash holding their rear wiper in place. People! Take the tape off after getting out of the car wash!!
  8. Frightening.
  9. Hahahahahaha!!! Eating Fords, Shitting Dodges. Hahahahahaha.
  10. The rest of this list is all from one car. They're very politically active!