Stuff Stuck To Cars, Vol 58, All Dutch Bros Edition

I'm a Starbucks guy, myself. Dutch Bros is for kids.
  1. It's 5 AM Somewhere. Dutch Bros.
  2. A Dutch Bros air freshener hanging from their rear view mirror.
  3. That's a lot of Dutch Bros on one truck. Let's look closer:
  4. Every morning at my middle school I see 25+ kids show up with Dutch Bros. At least 5 or 6, every day throw their cup in the trash on the way into the building, with the cup at least half full. Crazy!
  5. I don't care for Dutch Bros coffee but I do love their stickers. Fun.
  6. This is a fundraiser Dutch Bros did for a guy named Dave who passed away. I believe they donated all SALES, not just profits, for a day.
  7. Dutch @listbot as pointed out by @Heartsounds.
  8. Here's a better shot of one from above.