Stuff Stuck To Cars, Vol 67

  1. We do get some rain in Portland, that's true.
  2. I wish this was clearer. I believe it's for the Oregon Shakespearean Festival.
  3. Ha!
  4. Green Planet is a weed dispensary.
  5. I feel this.
  6. Three Little Mugs?
  7. PHISH!
  8. We get it. Blue Lives Matter. But right now it's unarmed black people being killed by armed police officers. That's why Black Lives Matter and why the Blue Lives Matter issue feels like total bullshit to me and pisses me off.
  9. Ha!
  10. Does anyone know what this is about?
  11. ReRack is a local shop that sells used rooftop car racks. Recycling in action.
  12. Is this, like, supposed to represent sex?
  13. The @powellsbooks Reading Is Sexy sticker. I love it.
  14. Indeed.
  15. Hahahahahaha!!!
  16. This was actually stuck to a newspaper vending machine, but I liked it.