Stuff Stuck To Cars, Vol 78

  1. Huh. I tried zooming in on the one just above this and this happened. Twice. Weird.
  2. This is the logo for Next Adventure, a favorite store of mine. Such a cool atmosphere in a store full of outdoor adventure equipment.
  3. ✊🏼
  4. This was on a Toyota 4 Runner, with the rear window down 2". I thought "That's odd," and was about to take this picture when a dog BARKED and made me almost drop my phone. It scared the crap out of me! I then laughed nervously, quickly snapped the picture and got the hell out of there.
  5. Okay, seriously @list this is irritating. Apparently I can only zoom in so far with a picture, and if I zoom further I get this message. I'm sure it's supposed to keep pictures crisp and clear, but these are pictures of bumper stickers, and is supposed to be (I thought) about creativity. Let me decide how to create this.
    My lists are art with a lower case "a." It's not Art. I'm fine with kind of crappy quality photos, because these are pictures taken with a somewhat older iPhone for entertainment purposes only. For humor! To be honest, crappy quality is part of what makes these lists fun. But I have to be able to zoom in! I'm okay with the pictures being grainy - it doesn't matter! I'm sorry if I sound irritated.
  6. I guess this is it for tonight. I'm having too much trouble loading pictures, particularly if I try to zoom in. Maybe it's a glitch with my phone and will be better next time. If so, I'm sorry for griping at @list.
  7. I am very, VERY sorry for what I said about @list and appreciate all of you. Thank you @listbot for your comment below. I need to check myself before writing crappy comments when I'm in a foul mood. Li.St is awesome.