Stuff Stuck To Cars, Vol 79, Single Car, Colorado Edition

Hey @andersun do you know these folks?
  1. I'm famous! Well, I assume this is modeled after me, because this is exactly how I used to ski. What fun!
  2. Apparently they made one other stop in Oregon; to one of our coolest stores.
  3. Ha!
  4. What is this @andersun?
  5. Jealous!
  6. Townes Van Zandt had a beautiful song about Crested Butte.
  7. Look. At. That. Bolted to the back of the SUV is a bottle opener. Brilliant. I'm super impressed and jealous of this.
  8. I'm always amazed when someone has this many stickers on their car, and often I think that they're a whack job. But these folks seem like they know how to have fun, and they clearly like beer. I'd hang out with them.