Stuff Stuck To Cars, Vol 87

  1. Wouldn't we all?!
  2. Montana, I think.
  3. @andersun sent this. Awesome!
  4. What? Is? This?
  5. Keep on truckin'.
  6. I wish I'd been invited!
  7. I'd like to have this sticker.
  8. I think this is for a Journey tribute band!
  9. Oops!
  10. Weird.
  11. "Class of the century." They all think that.
  12. Umm...
  13. Is this a pokeball?
  14. What?!
  15. Eat, Sleep, Minecraft. Funny.
  16. The reflection makes this almost unreadable, but it says "Little Monster On Board" and has a picture of Mike from Monster's Inc. I'm guessing these parents don't know the Lady Gaga reference here.
    Or maybe there's no kid at all, and it's just a Lady Gaga fan?