Stuff Stuck To Cars, Vol 92

  1. While funny as hell, this is a really unusual bumper sticker.
  2. Ugh! A Frozen sticker. Boooooooo
  3. Ha!
  4. Outdoor School is SO important.
  5. I did not know that the Adirondack mountains were in New York.
  6. What is this? Domo or something? I don't really understand this thing.
  7. His is a hobby I've been thinking of taking up.
  8. Oh, barf!
  9. Creepy. As. Hell!
  10. I don't like memorials on cars or on the side of the road. For me, grief is more private.
  11. I snapped this photo in a parking lot and got the hell away from this car!
  12. Hahahahahahahaha!