Stuff Stuck To Cars, Vol 93

  1. 🤙🏼
  2. I think this is actually a piece of poet just taped to the inside of the window.
  3. Semester At Sea?! What? How awesome would that be?!
  4. I'm sorry this is hard to see. It's a plaque type sticker for the USS ENTERPRISE. How fun!
  5. My daughter went to college in Ithaca, NY and these were all over the place there.
  6. Yum!
  7. @andersun what does this mean? Surely you know just off the top of your head, right?
  8. Truth.
  9. "The BERG" for Newberg, OR, just a few miles from me. I have to say, I hate the term "The Berg" as much as I hate it when people call Vancouver, WA, The Couve. Gross.
  10. What's he pointing at?
  11. Adventure awaits. So true.
  12. That middle window is plastic, like barely thicker than Saran Wrap. Seriously.
  13. Is this a Pokémon?
  14. This reminds me of a car I used to see around town a few years ago. It was lime green, and the rear was all smashed in from an accident. On the side they'd painted a great rendition of The Hulk and written "Hulk Smash."
  15. DUB?
  16. That's it. I'm out of stickers for now. Whenever I publish a list I always have a few ready to start the next list. This time? Zero. I may not see anything else stuck to a car anytime soon and this may be the end. Time will tell.
  17. Oh, I sort of lied. I've got a Fishy Emblem and a couple of Dutch Bros stickers to add to those lists, but really they don't count.
  18. Crap. I lied again. I've also got two or three stickers that are very different than anything else I've listed before, and they're for a special list coming soon, once I get a few more like them. Up until recently I've specifically avoided these. Curious?