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  2. Same here. I wonder if this person is a liberal or conservative.
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  4. I'm curious what this means.
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  6. It's faded, but says "Preserve and Protect Pet Pigs." Their license plate was related to this concern.
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  8. Good luck!
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  11. Weird.
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  13. Static
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  15. This car had a license ate, plus this in the window. Weird.
  16. Plus, check out all those sand dollars!
  17. Weed stickers now, huh? That was unexpected.
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  21. Hahahahahaha!!! Who puts that on a car?!?!
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  23. Static
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  25. What does this mean?
  26. Okay, here's my problem with this. The way I always heard it, there was a nail in each of Jesus' hands, one through both feet, and one on each side of his rib cage, for a total of five. But "1 cross + 5 nails = 4 given" does t work, mathematically.
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  28. 🤙🏼 MAUI!🤙🏼
  29. These next few were all from one truck. People on li.st often ask if I don't get caught. Well, I didn't this time, but this was in a neighborhood and I'd stopped my car to take these. There was a guy across the street doing remodeling work and he repeatedly shot me dirty looks. This wasn't his truck, but clearly he thought I was a weirdo.
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  32. I wish this was clearer. It says "COEXIST" but uses guns, a cross, flames, maybe poison. Weird and disconcerting.
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  34. Wow, that's aggressive. My experience is that when people feel this way, they're implying that if you don't support the president, you don't support soldiers. I respect soldiers, mostly, but almost always disagree with why we use them.
  35. This is the second sticker that's on top in this shit that I saw today. Does anyone know what it means?
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