Stuff Stuck To Cars, Vol 96, Single Car In The Costco Parking Lot Edition.

I got out of my car, whipped out my phone and took these as quickly as I could. Then I headed into the store. A family was waking out and the dad gave me a funny look, like "Um, WTF, Dude" but didn't say anything. It was their car.
  1. Oh geez, the Hood To Coast is a relay race with teams of maybe 6 - 12, and each person runs legs, from Mt Hood to the Oregon coast. It's grueling!
    I have a female friend whose team name one year was We Eat Between Legs. Ha.
  2. Cool!
  3. Ha! This must be for a butcher shop or BBQ joint of something. Funny.
  4. Great skiing here. My sister crashed getting off the chairlift here in 1976 and somehow jammed the pointy end of her ski pole in her eye socket. Incredibly she didn't actually hit her eye. Gruesome. That event, which I didn't witness, changed my life.
  5. Ha!