Stuff Stuck To Signs And Posts On Maui

I'm thinking of starting a new series, as I see a ton of this back home, too. Thoughts?
  1. No thank you, Ryan!
  2. I'm shocked that we have to have signs like this on store fronts.
  3. I've seen this one around and don't get it. It's not advertising a business. It's like a sticker that says "Burgers." Cool, yet odd.
  4. As that last picture was loading the spinning loading thing was right in top of the smokestack, making it look like a candle or flower. I like it. Nice work @listbot
  5. This is a power box or something like that. Electricity galore inside, I think.
  6. But look at it zoomed in!
  7. There's people and stuff!
  8. Okay, seriously?!
  9. The boob Shaka above is from
  10. One of my all time favorite stickers.
  11. Ha!