Stuff Stuck To Signs And Posts, Vol 4, Special Powell's Book Store Edition

  1. These stickers were all inside @powellsbooks
  2. Truth! This was on a post where you sell books to Powell's.
  3. All of the rest were on wooden carts that they use to haul books around.
  4. @andersun check this one out!!
  5. If you ever come to Portland, Oregon, Powell's should be on the top of your list for places to visit. I'm not saying that I've ever spent a paycheck in there, but...
  6. Powell's is 3 stories tall, a FULL CITY BLOCK and has new and used books. I love this store.
  7. Also, I've yet to meet an employee who was grumpy. Ever. Seriously, they all seem to be nearly to the point of giggling because they love their job so much. Super friendly employees.