Stuff Stuck To Signs And Posts, Vol 7

When I get to downtown Portland, I see stickers stuck to everything. I didn't even take pictures of a tenth of what I saw. If only I'd've had more time.
  1. I don't know why, but I love when people use mailing labels this way. It just cracks me up.
  2. I wish I knew how to read this.
  3. @andersun this made me thinking your list about sign guys.
  4. More mailing labels!
  5. I guess this is their opinion of Starbucks.
  6. Nice.
  7. Andy and Bax is a fantastic outdoor store, with army surplus crap, camping gear, dummy hand grenades, gold mining equipment, all the camouflage you could ever hope for, gas masks, tons of weird knives and much more. I love shopping there because they carry stuff nobody else does, but I'm always terrified of the staff & customers. Bunch of weirdos.
  8. Again with the mailing labels.
  9. Where do people even get stickers like this?
  10. Perspective is hard in a picture, but that half of a face is about four feet tall.
  11. And that's a one foot tall blue and pink penis.