First a disclaimer. I'm not actually a teacher. I'm an Instructional Assistant in SpEd - Special Ed.
  1. It takes a smart mouth to know one. That's them. That's me. We get each other.
  2. I get to observe volatile fashion trends.
    Fashion is HUGE for middle school girls, especially. There is a new "hot look" at least once a year, where nearly every girl suddenly shows up dressed that way.
  3. Hormones. Whoopsies, that's one of the worst things about working at a middle school.
    Seriously. Where did these hormones come from?
  4. Middle schoolers are quite literally the peak of all human history. Or so they think.
    They think that this current batch of kids are truly the coolest people in the history of the world. Nobody has ever been this cool. Nobody will ever be this cool again. We've reached the high point. They all think that. Every year. It really makes me laugh.
  5. It's kind of like being on a nature show where I'm observing the wild beasts in their natural environment.
    Sometimes they go in for the kill and it's never pretty.
  6. The rewards. Oh the rewards of working in SpEd.
    Sometimes it's tough working with kids who do things like throw chairs at me, but at other times it's the greatest feeling in he world.
  7. Occasionally, I feel like I make a difference in the life of a child.
  8. One time I talked with a boy who said that the only food he got was at school because they had no money.
    I made sure he had extra granola bars and other stuff. I pushed food on him because his situation was heartbreaking. I could feel his gratitude.
  9. Every day I get to see adults who absolutely love their job and put serious effort into shaping the lives of kids who don't give a flying F about said teachers. These teachers love the kids anyway.
  10. The satisfaction of knowing that many of my middle school teachers would be thrilled to know that I'm now working with kids who act just as naughty as I did when I was 12 - 15 years old.
    I'm sorry. Truly I am.