The Book That Changed My Life Forever

Thanks for the idea @ChrisK This is probably the first of two or three lists with this title.
  1. Fight Club.
    Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk.
  2. This isn't about fighting.
  3. It's about a man with mental illness.
  4. It's a pretty difficult book to read because of the writing style.
  5. My best friend @fade has tried reading it a couple of times and just can't get into it.
  6. Another friend read it just recently and is not a little scared of me, because if I like it so much I must be troubled.
  7. I'm not.
  8. Well, not in the way the guy in Fight Club is.
  9. Here's how this book didn't change my life:
    A twist to the list. I hope this is okay with @ChrisK
  10. It didn't educate me.
  11. It didn't change me.
  12. It didn't seem profound.
  13. It didn't inspire me.
  14. I don't even think it taught me anything.
    Because I think it's not realistic enough to educate.
  15. Here's how it did change me.
  16. It made me realize how great writing can be.
    Chuck Palahniuk is amazing. Brilliant. He blows me away.
  17. Maybe that's it.
  18. But it has entertained me so much.
  19. I've read it a couple times a year for the past several years.
  20. I'm going to read it again soon.
  21. And I'm thrilled that Fight Club 2 is happening!
  22. Fight Club 2 is coming out in 10 monthly installments in comic book form.
    Or is it 12? I hope it's 12. I hope it's 20!