If I were on Chopped, these would be my three top devices I'd use, because I can't afford to have them in my home.
  1. Blast Chiller
    This is like a microwave oven, decor it makes things cold super fast. Oh, how I want one.
  2. Ice Cream Machine
    Awesome! Bring on the soft serve! Why Chopped contestants don't read the user's manual before going on the show and using this thing is beyond me.
  3. Salamander
    Toast that stuff up! When Guy Fieri is talking to some dive owner on Triple D and says "Then you throw this in the Salamander?" I think "Why don't I have a Salamander in my kitchen?!"
  4. If I'm ever on Chopped I'll do everything in my power to use these three.
  5. Also, while I've seen a TON of episodes of Chopped, I'm not 100% certain they have a Salamander on Chopped. Even if they don't have one, I'll still try for use it.