The End Is Near.

  1. The end is near.
  2. I've had this bracelet on for about a year and a half.
  3. It's basically cotton twine, wrapped four times around my wrist and knotted.
  4. It was originally some kind of packaging material to hold some package together. I repurposed it into a bracelet.
    Recycling in action.
  5. I've not taken it off since I first put it on about May, 2014.
  6. But this morning I noticed this.
  7. It's starting to unravel.
  8. This isn't a huge deal, and not like it's super sentimental or important to me, but I like it. This bracelet gets a surprising number of comments from people, always positive.
  9. But I bet that within a week it'll be gone.
  10. So long, friend.