Inspired by @jannychan who has a great list titled THE P WORD. Read it: THE P WORD
  1. When I was in 2nd grade I heard a hilarious joke at school. I couldn't wait for school to get over that day, but until it did I practiced that joke on several friends, to great success.
    I had good timing even back then.
  2. As soon as he bell rang, I raced home to tell Mom my new joke:
    She loved jokes.
  3. Me: "Hey Mom, you know the word FUCK?"
  4. Mom "Uhh....yeah?"
  5. Me (clueless to the shocked look on her face): "If you forget how to spell it, just remember; If you see Kay, tell her I hate her!"l Ha ha ha ha ha ha!"
    Catchy word play, there.
  6. Me: doubled over laughing hysterically.
  7. Mom: "Oh. Billy, we don't say that word. It's considered a cuss word."
  8. Me: "Oh."
  9. I put my head down and walked away, only then realizing why I'd never heard that word before.