The li.ster I would most want to ____ with

Inspired by @Boogie and @mnickwrites
  1. @kcupcaker Hang out and have a beer. We'd likely talk about Fight Club and eat popcorn.
  2. @jennifergster Go to a Springsteen concert.
  3. @amieshmamie Juggle and watch Harry Potter.
    (also makes a new profile picture for her that doesn't give me odd feelings)
  4. @brittmaag Take an art lesson. Britt is an amazing artist. Her awesome fiancé could hang and cook for us.
  5. @listbot Hang out, talk in binary a bit, and enjoy some silence together. Shared silence is great.
  6. @shadowman Hang out and pick his brain. He's a really interesting guy.
  7. @andersun Ride unicycles, obviously. Also, I think we could talk over beers and discover about a hundred things we have in common. Eric, can you solve a Rubik's Cube?
  8. @fade Deep philosophical discussions. What is real? What is reality? What is "normal?" Also, eat chips and salsa and drink Diet Pepsi.
  9. @mallofamanda Talk about comedy. Obviously Amanda is hilarious, and I'd like to learn more about her comedy influences and goals.
  10. @biz Just be friends. Just have her back.