The Public Restroom At This Hotel

  1. I was recently on The Big Island with my wife for a conference she was attending. I stepped into a restroom off the lobby and Holy Cow!
  2. The entrance door, from the inside.
    I couldn't get an exterior shot. Too many muggles about.
  3. A waste bin right where the door opens to drop your paper towel when you're too F'ing delicate to touch the door handle with your actual hand.
  4. After entering, there's a little entrance hall. Fancy!
  5. So. Many. Sinks!
  6. Even one I couldn't get in the gif above. This was a single.
  7. So many places to pee!
  8. There are stalls with toilets in them. The doors have louvers so you can see you, but nobody can see in.
    And being able to see out is kind of creepy, if you ask me.
  9. These doors are nicer than the ones at the first house I owned.
  10. Dead bolts!
  11. So many places to poop!
  12. Marble floors!
  13. Each hand washing station has hand lotion, hand soap, Kleenex and towels to dry your hands.
  14. These towels to dry your hands. They're nicer than paper towels, and felt sort of like cloth, but they were thin. I'm not sure what they are, but they're damn luxurious.
  15. The hand drying towels go in this "hamper," but Kleenex go in there, too, so I just don't know.
  16. And check this plant! Also, apparently there was no way for me to not be in this picture. I'm not proud of not being able to figure that out. But damn, there were mirrors everywhere!
  17. I took a lot of pictures and video in there. I'll admit that I was nervous, because it's been my experience that people do not appreciate walking into a public restroom to find someone taking pictures or video. Nobody was in there the whole time I was doing this, but was nerve wracking
    To be clear, I was fascinated by this restroom but I am not a pervert.
  18. The excess of everything at this hotel was kind of appalling to me. I witnessed two separate guests treat a very nice employee like they were a second class citizen who is clearly below them. The entitlement was insane.
  19. Maids came into our room THREE times a day, every day. Once to clean the room. A second time to leave fresh towels towels and clean up any mess you made during the day, in the early afternoon. Then a third time for Turn Down Service and to leave a couple tiny bottles of water.
    Don't get me started on my frustration over the huge amount of waste involved in leaving multiple SIX OUNCE bottles of water in every single hotel room every day. Please stop buying bottled water!!
  20. Bonus pictures of the elevators:
  21. Check the elevator!
  22. The elevators were done in rare and expensive Koa wood, which grows, I believe, only in Hawaii.
  23. That chandelier probably cost more than a month of my salary.
  24. It was strange to stay in a place where the 1% stays. Technically I'm probably part of the 1%, financially speaking, but I sure don't live the life of excess and entitlement that these people do. Walking around the hotel and grounds, observing people, they sure didn't look like they were truly enjoying themselves all that much.
  25. I felt there was a lot of posturing and peacocking going on, but very little enjoyment. It was a surreal experience.