1. 1) Shock and denial. When I first started seeing lists about it, before I'd seen The Email, I thought it was some weird conspiracy and I denied that it could be true.
  2. 2) Pain and guilt. Obviously I feel deep emotional pain, but maybe it's my fault, because I only managed to get two people to join li.st, and neither is active. Should I have spent more time recruiting good users?
  3. 3) Anger and bargaining. Boy oh boy and I pissed off about losing li.st. I've even weighed in on lists talking about how I'd be willing to lay a monthly fee if they'd stick around!
  4. 4) Depression. I could make an entire "tfw..." list about this! • you wonder what you'll do with your li.st time. • if it's even worth it to go to the trouble of looking at your phone anymore. • all social media is pure crap now. • you wonder if the new app "they're working on" will be anywhere close to li.st. • anything matters. Anything at all.
  5. 5) The upward turn. At least people are listing heavily right now. That's good, right? I'm friending li.st people on twitter, FB and IG. That's good too, right?
  6. 6) Reconstruction and working through. Finally figure out InstaGram and start using it. Start tweeting about something other than that MoFo claiming to know what he's doing in the ova office.
  7. 7) Acceptance and hope. InstaGram might be a solid venue for Stuff Stuck To Cars, And maybe even Oreo flavor reviews. Twitter Li.St group and FB Li.St group - it sort of feels good already. This might work.
  8. I'm still stuck on stage 4 most of the time.