The top ten reasons that birthday girl @jannychan is awesome!

Her 21st birthday. Maybe. I'm not 100% sure.
  1. 10.
    She knows what Sam Elliot is about.
    But has she seen Lifeguard?
  2. 9.
    Janna rarely uses pictures or gifs in her lists, but when she needs a potato gif, she finds oen!
  3. 8.
    Her ten favorite words seem to have a theme. An awesome theme! MY TEN FAVORITE WORDS
  4. 7.
    Look at this list! It's all in emojis and makes sense. V impressive. A DAY IN THE LIFE OF ME 📅
  5. 6.
    She has a bizarre story about underwear that is hilarious. THE UNDERWEAR STORY
  6. 5.
    She's good with the word play. MOVIE AND TV SHOW TITLES LISTAPPIFIED
  7. 4.
    I believe she actually posted a picture of her ass with a giant bruise on it. One can't be certain.
    Search for that one yourself; I'm not helping you, ya perv.
  8. 3.
    She knows what to dip French Fries in.
    Hint: it's mayonnaise, not ketchup, you fools!
  9. 2.
    Just look at this adorable picture!
  10. 1.
    She took an 8th grader to her senior prom. That was awesome!