These Sinks Are The Worst!

Who designs these pieces of shit? They should be fired.
  1. Nice sink. Big, round sink, perfect for washing my giant hands.
    My hands are huge!
  2. Wait. Why's the water only coming out that far?
  3. Son of a bitch, I can't get my hands in there! Use the whole sink, faucet designers!
  4. Again with the huge sink.
  5. Are you even kidding me!
    On this one, I barely got the picture off before some other customer came into the bathroom and nearly saw me taking pictures in a public restroom. That almost never ends well.
  6. Just for fun, I took this picture of the Toilet Seat Cover dispenser.
  7. Does anyone else laugh about this every time?
  8. A sink at work.
  9. How am I supposed to get my giant hands in there and properly wash?