Inspired by @jessacosta
  1. iPhone.
  2. Wallet.
  3. Keys.
  4. A book.
    Sometimes more than one if I think I'll have the chance to sit and read for more than an hour. I have ADHD and get bored quickly.
  5. Pen and a 3X5 notecard for jotting stuff down.
    I'm thinking of getting g a pocket sized moleskin instead.
  6. Lately I include my Protest Backpack in case I need to head to a protest.
  7. I've switched over to a Moleskin. I absolutely love this 3X5 journal, but it's a bit big for my pocket. I've taken to carrying it around all the time and it's irritating. If I had a purse I'd have zero complaints. Alas, I'm a guy, so no purse. I'm thinking of going to a thinner version with a lighter cover. However, this has changed my life.