Inspired by @whalenmatty who had a great introduction in his list Things I haven't let other people ruin for me. that made me think of my reason for writing this list.
  1. Wearing shorts year round.
  2. When I was in my 20s, I worked at a wholesale grocery store, which means that we only sold to businesses, 95% of which were restaurants.
  3. This older guy, about 60 came in wearing shorts one day, and it was raining a little.
    Now that I'm nearly 53, 60 doesn't seem "older," but at 22 it sure did!
  4. I asked why he was wearing shorts in the rain and he said "I don't care. It doesn't bother my legs to get wet."
  5. Then he said something that really stuck with me. "If people didn't judge me, I'd wear shorts all year round. I just don't like people judging me, so usually I wear real pants."
  6. I thought about that a lot and it changed my life. Probably the main reason it stuck with me so long is that I LOVE wearing shorts and, frankly, I get claustrophobic in long pants. I just can't stand them.
  7. So now I wear shorts year round. Sun, rain, snow. Screw it - shorts!
  8. As a result, now that my wife has a fancy job where I have to look decent when we go to functions, I find it hard to care what people think.
    Okay, I DON'T care, but I at least think through what it would be like to care, and base my clothing choices off that. It's not easy.
  9. So I don't let people ruin year round shorts for me. If I want to wear shorts and flip flops in November, why not?
  10. Also, Dave Matthews Band.
    Screw people who say that DMB is a Frat Boy band. Up theirs!!