Inspired by @cvlop61 For me, "just" can mean up to a couple of years ago. I'm old. I should have known.
  1. Eachother is actually two words. Each other.
    I spelled this wrong for decades, and got pissed when my iPhone started trying to correct me.
  2. Salt is one of the best food ever. Okay, it's not a food exactly, but it's one of the things I eat that I'd least like to have to give up.
    My blood pressure is just fine; very low.
  3. There really is such a thing as having too many books.
    Just kidding. There's no such thing.
  4. People a few years older than me often feel like they are much more knowledgable than I am, simply because they've lived longer.
    I'm 52 friggin years old. Being ten years older doesn't mean jack. I thought this would go away, but it doesn't.
  5. Hummingbird food only lasts a few days, and then has to be replaced. Like, a week tops in the winter, 4 days in the summer.
    I thought it lasted months, but two week old humming it food is deadly.