That she'll never see because she's not on The List App.
  1. She wears a thumb ring.
  2. She loves books as much as I do.
  3. She spells her name "gina" with a lower case g.
  4. Seriously, she doesn't capitalize her first name.
  5. FroYo.
  6. She taught me to love Diet Pepsi.
  7. She only laughs sincerely.
  8. Her hair - oh, that curly hair.
  9. Deep thoughts: she thinks about the whys of the world and life.
  10. She can laugh at herself.
  11. She makes me laugh and laughs at my stuff.
  12. She's humble, despite her incredibly high, genius level IQ.
  13. She is always, always honest.
  14. She love Hawaii as much as I do.
  15. Although she is startlingly good looking, she doesn't act like she is beautiful. But she is.
  16. When she hugs you, you know you've been hugged.
  17. She can't read Fight Club, but she's tried three times just because I like it so much.
  18. She will always be my friend despite my shortcomings.
  19. I will always be her friend because she dramatically improved my life.
  20. I could (and may) fill a list to its 99 item capacity, of compliments I have for her.
  21. 75