Inspired by @hella_daniella
  1. Worrying what other people think about my clothes. Cargo shorts and a Maui t shirt every day, baby.
    I basically dress like a little kid at the beach.
  2. Being in a hurry. Once I started driving the speed limit and under, life improved dramatically.
    I never, ever worry about seeing a cop. I realize that's white privilege, but I used to worry all the time because I used to drive too fast.
  3. Facebook. I'm still on it, because everyone I know is on, and it's really a good way to keep lines of communication open, but I don't go there for entertainment anymore. I feel like my brain loses power every time I have to go to FB.
  4. Trying to be cool. I worried about this a lot as a kid. Things I did that I honestly thought made me cool: marching band; juggling; computer programming class; speech team (writing my own comedy routines, no less!). Now I don't care and life is better.
  5. Trying to be as good as my father was. As it turns out, he wasn't that great at a lot of things. I'm successful in ways that are more meaningful to me, and I'm happier for it.