Here's a list of things I already don't miss. Things I miss. Not!. Soon I hope to not miss the things on this list, because they no longer exist.
  1. People hating on Justin Bieber.
    Why do people talk so much smack about the guy? I'm not into his music, but he's very talented. Give him a break. If you don't like something, don't like it. But also don't rage about it. Whenever I hear someone talk about how much they hate Bieber, I just think they're jealous.
  2. The word Retard.
    Seriously. Please don't use this word.
  3. Super Foods.
    There's no such thing. Some good is better for you than others, but Super Food is a marketing word. It doesn't exist.
  4. Zombie everything.
    Why? Just why!
  5. These signs.
    Never again, please.
  6. Bottled water.
    This is just dumb. If your tap water doesn't taste good, get a filter. This product is making our planet worse. It's pointless!