As opposed to other social media.
  1. Way less selfies.
    And way less use of the term selfie.
  2. No frigging hashtags.
    I'm sick of them. Yes, there are some on here, but not like on other social media. I know a woman who sometimes posts a FB status of nothing but about a dozen hashtags. OY!
  3. Zero Candy Crush requests here!
    Thank you all!
  4. Honesty.
    I feel like The List App has much more honesty than FB.
  5. I've yet to see a list that reads "I had the worst day ever..." And has only one list item which reads "Don't ask. I don't want to talk about it."
    Thank you for not begging for sympathy.
  6. Zero notifications about anyone's Scentsy business, or "That Crazy Wrap Thing (It really works!)", etc.
  7. No mason jars or burlap.
    I'm looking at you, Pinterest.
  8. Anonymity isn't creepy on here. If someone I don't know friends me on FB, it's creepy.
  9. There's SO much original content on The List App.
    Some days my FB feed is filled with reposted memes, game requests (which I've now blocked), and fake news stories and zero actual status' I actually want to read.
  10. Positivity. Body image positivity, sexual orientation positivity, gender positivity. It's all here.
    I see so little of that in FB, and in fact I see shaming of those things there.
  11. The List App has: good grammar; correct spelling; punctuation!
    I rarely see "i know u trynna be kewl" on here. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.