How did these become popular?
  1. Not!
    Remember when it was "hilarious" to say "Not!" as in "I loved this book...Not!"?
  2. Spinners
    Do you remember these things? They were the worst! I remember seeing some big, gold $ spinners on an old Dodge Caravan and almost got in a wreck from laughing.
  3. Sagging
    Last night I saw a 25 year old guy sagging like it was 2001 again. He did the kind of sagging where you have to hold onto your pants with one hand as you walk. Why did people think this was cool?
  4. Larry, my brother Daryl and my other brother Daryl
    "Hi. I'm Larry, and this is my brother Daryl, and this is my other brother Daryl." Why did he have to say that every time he walked into a room? These guys were funny exactly one time, and then I was tired of them.
  5. T9 Texting
    Okay, this was awful! You got an aching thumb from hitting that damned 2 button three times to get C. And screw you if you hit it four times and had to go around the horn to get back to it.
  6. McDLT
    So now I have to assemble my own sandwich? And twice the amount of environment killing styrofoam to boot? Up yours, McDonald's.
  7. 80s bangs
    Why? How? I never understood this one?