Inspired by @hillary79, and I'm even following the format and not capitalizing every word, like I usually do. I don't even know why I do that.
  1. Read more. My best friend is on the verge of reading 100 books in 2016. I'm barely at 40. More next year!
  2. Spend more time outside. Maybe just sitting in a beach chair reading in the local park, because Two Birds. But hiking, too. Some, anyway.
  3. Start a bullet journal and actually journal. I'm quite excited about this one.
  4. Cut back on Diet Pepsi.
    JK. That won't happen.
  5. Post more thoughtful li.sts.
  6. Convince @listbot to make its minions bring back Trending and Featured.
    Super pretty please with batteries on top!
  7. Be more generous.
  8. Learn to make a decent pie crust.
    I'm starting by trying one out tomorrow.
  9. Meditate more often.