Inspired by @notfunny who wrote the great list: THINGS I ALWAYS HAVE WITH ME THINGS I ALWAYS HAVE WITH ME
  1. Whenever I leave the house, I have:
  2. Keys in my left pocket.
  3. Phone in my right pocket.
  4. My wallet in the left rear pocket.
  5. A book.
    Or Kindle. Even to the grocery store, because you never know when there will be a long red light, or construction traffic, or whatever. I'd rather read than just sit.
  6. Hydroflask water bottle.
    Like @notfunny I say FU to plastic water bottles. Please join us!
  7. When I get home, I:
  8. Put my keys in the little basket in my library, wallet on top of the keys.
  9. Put my phone...just kidding, I'm never without my phone, but neither are you.
  10. At work, I:
    I work in Special Ed at a middle school.
  11. Have my work keys in my left pocket.
    House keys are in the front clip pocket of my messenger bag. After work the keys switch places.
  12. My phone in my right front pocket.
  13. Also in my left front pocket are a pen and short pencil.
    I hate having to scramble for a writing utensil.
  14. A book in my messenger bag for lunch and breaks.
  15. Another Hydroflask reusable water bottle.
    The work one is pink because it's noticeable and everyone knows it's mine. If I set it down and forget it, it always gets returned to me.
  16. None of these things are revolutionary, but having these routines really helps me keep my sanity. I feel so much better and safer knowing exactly where my essentials are.