Urbanized, except #1.
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    #1) πŸ’©
    Not even a contest.
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    Todd Packer's "surprise" for Michael. Pure comedic πŸ’©.
    I couldn't find the right gif, but this one cracks me up, so there.
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    I'm not picking on Jack In The Box here. I'm picking on most fast food places. They all have meals now that have a drink, fries and TWO entrΓ©s! And they're intended for one person! Who needs a drink, fries, giant burger AND two tacos? Nobody. American crap for you, right there. Fast πŸ’©.
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    TV Dinners. The concept of buying an entire meal, frozen, is terrible. They're super unhealthy and shouldn't exist. The main store I shop at has an aisle 50 yards long with nothing but TV Dinners. Frozen Americana πŸ’©.
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    Reality TV. Big Brother. The Apprentice. Survivor. Batchelor. Bachelorette. Who Wants To Marry A Millionaire. There is no reality here. It's all 100% American πŸ’©.
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    Tabloids. This applies to print and TV. When I was 18 I worked with a woman who bought one every day and believed every word. I cannot express how much this experience taught me about people. Pure American πŸ’©.
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    Hummers. I honestly believe that any guy who drives a hummer is well below average in the πŸ† department. No joke. This vehicle is the worst! Low Mileage American πŸ’©.
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    Social Media. Yes, it can be helpful at times, but I think that so often it makes people feel bad about themselves because they see what everyone else posts and think that their life is pathetic by comparison. And it's horribly, horribly addictive. Social American πŸ’©.
    Li.St excluded. Obviously. Li.St is pure gold!
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    Bieber haters. Here's the thing. Justin Beiber has some serious talent. Personally, I don't like his music, or even him very much. But there's no denying his talent. He can sing like nobody's business and really puts on an entertaining show. If you don't like him, move on to what you do like. The Beiber Haters are Shallow American πŸ’©.
    The same goes for haters of any artist. I can't stand listening to The Rolling Stones, but I respect what they do. They're incredibly talented. Same with The Beatles. Or Bob Dylan. But the talent there...wow.
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    Gluten Free. If you have celiac disease, then fine, stay away from gluten. But let's be honest. Most people who are eating gluten free have no actual reason to do so. If you're not actually allergic, then it's fine. Nobody is "kind of" allergic to gluten and most people aren't. Pure American Hypochondria πŸ’©.
    If you are actually allergic, though, then I'm thrilled there are so many gluten free products for you, and I'm glad the flavor is getting better because of the market demand. Super awesome for you on variety and quality now compared to ten years ago. Finally. I don't envy you.