1. There's been a very faint unpleasant smell in my garage lately. I haven't been able to find it, but it smells slightly like rotten food. I've got to find it.
  2. Unrelated...
  3. I've been making wine in my library: How To Make Wine Like an Expert—or Just for Fun.
  4. I'm ready to decant the wine from the carboy (gallon jug) into wine bottles, so this morning I went out to my garage to get some bottles from the recycling bin, so I could wash and sanitize them.
  5. I bring the two wine bottles and one sparkling cider bottle into the kitchen and start rinsing them.
  6. As I go to empty the second bottle from the first rinse A DECOMPOSING MOUSE fell out of the bottle!
  7. First I screamed, then I dropped the bottle, then I screamed again
  8. You're welcome. I'm not going to describe the state of decomposition because it was disgusting.
  9. Note to self. Buy new, clean wine bottles today.