Keep Portland Weird; it's not just a catchy phrase. We live it!
  1. Serious Juggling; a whole store dedicated to juggling equipment.
    Sadly now online only, but only due to personal issues in the owner's life. Ben was a semi-professional juggler who for many years had a killer juggling store that eventually also started selling unicycles. I've bought tons of juggling equipment and at least three unicycles from them.
  2. The Meadow; a salt and chocolate store.
    Mark Bitterman's store for salt and chocolate. There are hundreds and hundreds of varieties of salt here. It's wonderful!
  3. Mr. Green Beans; a DIY coffee roasting store.
    They sell green coffee beans for home roasting and all the supplies you need for home roasting. I took a class here and roasted my own coffee at home for a few years. I used a hot air popcorn popper and it was the best coffee I've ever had. They have a small professional roaster available so you can roast in their store now. The owner Trevon is a coffee genius and a darned nice guy.
  4. Paddle Palace; a ping pong store.
    A ping pong store. They recently moved and are technically in Tigard now, but barely. A whole store dedicated to everything ping pong.
  5. Powell's Books; THE used book store.
    @powellsbooks is a whole city block of new and used books. 3+ stories of books. Plus 3 other locations in the greater Portland area and a little one at the airport. If you ever come to Portland, Powell's should be one of your top destinations.
  6. VooDoo Donuts; serious donuts.
    Your local donut shop may sell maple bacon donuts, but they're just copying VooDoo. There is almost always a line out the door, 50 people long. You'll spend $40 for two dozen donuts, but it'll be worth every penny.