1. Autumn Spring. First and middle names. Her brother was named Wilderness as an added bonus.
  2. Marley. Named after Bob Marley. I asked if he was named after Bob Marley and he said that he was. He then went on to say that his parents had a party where everyone wrote a name on a piece of paper and put them - literally - into a hat and his mom pulled out Marley.
  3. Fantasia, named after the Disney movie.
  4. Cinderella, named after the Disney movie. I'm not kidding; her name is Cinderella.
  5. Austin Mayer. He had no idea what Oscar Mayer was.
  6. Haileigh Bailey.
  7. Why? Why do parents do this to their kids?
  8. Keith Keith. Same first and last names
  9. Thomas Thomas. Same first and last names.
  10. Just.us / Just-us. The mom had him when she was 17 and named him "Just", then a dot where a hyphen goes, then "us." Not a "." And not a "-". A dot at hyphen level. She got mad when teachers had it entered wrong in emails or on report cards and finally a teacher told her that there's no such thing as a punctuation of a dot at hyper level.
    She had no idea she'd made up a punctuation mark.
  11. Johnny Johnson.