Physical rehab, not drug rehab. This is almost a nursing home. They've got weird-ass pictures on their walls.
  1. The Art Of The Chinese Snuff Bottle.
    This one almost makes sense because at one point snuff was considered medicinal. Still weird, though.
  2. A marching band panorama. Sort of. Let's zoom in...
  3. ...closer...
  4. It's not a panorama. It's just a whole bunch of individual pictures put together to look like a panorama style picture. Weird.
  5. Nice, actually. Peaceful.
    Sorry about the light reflection at the top.
  6. Now things get really weird.
  7. Static
  8. Static
  9. Static
  10. Static
  11. Static
  12. WHY IS HER BOOB OUT?!?!?!
  13. Static
  14. Why is her bra showing like that!?
  15. I could have spent another ten minutes taking pictures of these bizarre pictures. Very creepy. Who chose these to put on these walls and why was this art even created in the first place. I'll never know.