Two things. 1) Good timing in the LR as I got caught today. And 2) I changed the format of the list title because for me, each word needs to be capitalized. I don't know why, but it's how I am. @andersun only capitalized the first word, like a normal person.
  1. So I've suspected that I'd get caught doing this at some point. My daughter has asked me what I'll do when I do get caught "And you WILL get caught one of these times and they might me pissed off."
  2. I decided that I'd just ask if it was their car if they didn't volunteer that right away, then ask about the sticker or stickers, and seem super interested, like I thought it was super cool, and because it was their car, they were cool, too.
  3. Even if it was a Trump Rules sticker or I Hate Hillary sticker, I'd say something like "I have a buddy who actually says this all the time, so I had I get a picture to send him. He'll crack up over this." You know, stroke their ego.
  4. Here's how it actually went down.
  5. I was in a parking lot and took this picture.
  6. Let's zoom in.
  7. Right after I took the picture I stood straight and turned towards my own car when I noticed a guy ten feet away, walking towards this car with a look that said "The fuck is this weird bullshit going on?"
  8. I smiled a sincere smile and said "Is this your car?"
  9. He said "Yeah?" with a questioning tone, like "And...?" though he didn't say the "and" part. It was in his eyes, though.
  10. I was still smiling very friendly (and hopefully not in a creepy way) and said "Oh cool. What is this, The Growler Run?"
  11. The guy laughed and said "Oh, a taphouse in Oregon City." Oregon City is maybe a half hour drive from me.
  12. I said "Oh, cool. The Growler Run sounded like maybe a 10K run where you stop at bars and have to drink a Growler at each one. I'd be into that!" (I wouldn't be into that. I like beer, but can barely finish a 12 oz bottle.)
  13. The dude threw back his head and laughed and said "No, but they are having what they call The Cock Fights where they have shit like a three legged race, while holding beers, a sack race while holding beer, an obstacle course thing. It's actually in a couple of weeks and a lot of fun. Good beer, too!"
  14. I laughed and said "Oh, right on, cool."
  15. The guy said "Yeah, thanks for asking. Have a great day, man" and we both got in our cars and drove away. Maybe an hour later @andersun sent me this List Request.
  16. Good first experience, I'd say.