Because @DG asked. I sent her the book, movie and soundtrack as part of her Secret Santa gift.
  1. I've read Jon Krakauer's Into The Wild several times, and I know I'll read it a few more times.
  2. Jon Krakauer is an intense researcher. He really delves into a story, and as a result, everything he writes feels very authoritative and real. He interviewed a TON of people for this book, travelled to various places where Chris McCandless went, including to the bus where Chris died.
  3. The reason I like it so much, is that I relate to Chris McCandless. He was pissed off at the world and decided to go his own way, to follow the beat of his own drummer, and not just get a job and become a drone.
  4. The book barely touches on the relationship between Chris and his parents. If you've read the book, it seems like it does, but there was a LOT more to it.
    Chris's sister has written a book called The Wild Truth that really goes into their parents' lives and lifestyle. It was a horrible way to grow up.
  5. I had a tumultuous relationship with my parents at times, though nowhere near the degree of Chris and his parents.
  6. My mother committed suicide when I was 20 years old, and I was pissed of at the world for quite some time.
    If you like me now, then you for sure wouldn't have liked me back then. Even I didn't like me back then.
  7. So I feel Chris. I get him.
  8. And he did something about his anger.
  9. Chris McCandless went out and did things that I dreamed of at times. He actually did it.
  10. This book really makes me think about people who I see. People who appear homeless or aimless. That just not always the case. Chris was technically homeless, but he was living life exactly as he wanted. He was smart, educated, thoughtful and lived his life deliberately.
    clearly there are a lot of aimless homeless people out there. It's just important to realize and acknowledge that they're not all that way.
  11. The movie soundtrack plays a part in why I like the book, which I admit, is odd. Eddie Vedder wrote wonderful songs that are really a part of the story.
  12. The song Guaranteed has two amazing lines that speak volumes to me, and I feel, show how Chris felt about life. They are:
  13. Circles they grow and they swallow people whole; half their lives they say goodnight to wives they'll never know.
    I know so, so many people living like this. It's very concerning.
  14. I knew all the rules; but the rules did not know me; guaranteed.
    I believe that in order to properly and effectively break rules, you first have to know and understand them. Otherwise you're just a rebel without a clue. Chris wasn't clueless. He learned a lot about life and then chose to live it as fully as he could, in a manner he was comfortable with.
  15. Into The Wild makes me think about my life and how I'm living it, and what I want to accomplish. I could have a corporate job, work my way into upper management, have a powerful career. I have the ability, but I don't want that. That life isn't meaningful to me.
    But please know that I'm not judging people for whom that life is meaningful or important. More power to them.
  16. Into The Wild makes me think about my interactions with almost everyone I meet in life, from store clerks, baristas, homeless people, business magnates, artists and anyone else. It makes me think of what I want to give and receive from this relationships.
  17. Into The Wild makes me realize that nobody is any better or more important than anyone else. The president of the United States is not more important of a human being than the guy cooking fries at McDonald's. they're both valuable human beings. They both have lives and stories.
  18. Into The Wild makes me really think about this saying.
  19. We really don't know what others are going through. Be kind to everyone. Be helpful. Be generous. Be forgiving.