Inspired by Sarah @swatson Watson who made a great list. Check her out.
  1. ❤️
    #1 on my keyboard. I'm a lovin' kind of guy.
  2. 💩
    #2 on my keyboard (haha, get it!). I run a Facebook page about public restrooms and poop and stuff. It's a hilarious subject.
  3. 👍🏼
    Everything is going to be okay.
  4. ✌🏻️
  5. 💋
    I can't imagine how this got into the frequently used portion. Weird.
  6. 👊🏻⚡️
    Remember when Toby tried to fist bump Jim? I use Fist Bump -> Explosion too often. I'm Toby.
  7. 😢
    I hate myself every time I use this. Almost every time, after hitting send, I think "Why did I use that?" Stupid.