Thanks for the LR @Boogie. I've been thinking about this probably more than I should have. I overthink everything.
  1. I'd give my TED Talk on hobbies.
  2. I'd talk about various hobbies I've had, and why I had them, and probably why I don't actively participate in them anymore. And I'd talk about why I've kept up with some hobbies for years, and then about my latest hobbies.
  3. I'd talk about why hobbies are important to me, and to people in general, and what I get out of them.
  4. I'd spend a minute talking about why my wife doesn't have hobbies.
  5. Some of the hobbies I've had that I no longer actively participate in:
  6. Unicycling. I've got 6 or 7 unicycles, and ride very infrequently, but I used to ride a lot.
  7. Mountain biking. I've still got a mountain bike (two, if I'm being honest) but just don't ride much anymore.
  8. Creative writing. I still like this idea, but kind of got bored with it.
  9. Making steel drums. I know. That's crazy. I made one before I ever actually saw one in person and it turned out better than you'd expect.
  10. Geocaching. I'm thinking of doing this again lately. It's a blast!
  11. Baking bread. I only do this for family holidays anymore. I'm quite good at this one, to the point of sometimes making bread without looking at a recipe and having it turn out wonderful.
  12. Homebrewing beer. It turned out awful every time. Gross. I may try again with a kit.
  13. Hobbies I've been actively participating in for years:
  14. Juggling.
  15. Reading.
  16. Rubik's Cube. I've learned how to solve this a few times. After a while I forget, then pick it and and figure it out again.
  17. Collecting sand. I collect sand from beaches I visit. This is a very low key hobby as I don't exactly go to a beach every other day.
    Here's my sand collection.
  18. Comedy. This is EXTREMELY low key. I don't perform stand up or anything, but just work all the time on being funny. Not to brag, but I am always the funniest guy in the room. Not clownish funny, not annoyingly funny; just subtly funny.
    I've even read multiple books on comedy, and what makes something funny. I'm fascinated by this.
  19. Finding stuff in the ocean while snorkeling. I made a list about this on my most recent trip to Maui. This maybe shouldn't count as a hobby because I only go to Hawaii once a year at most (okay, twice last year and probably twice this year, but normally just once), but I've been doing it every time for years.
    Here's one of my favorite finds - a seriously gnarly fishing hook. This was caught up on some coral about ten feet down, and I freed it.
  20. Hobbies I've picked up recently:
  21. Metal detecting. I watched Detectorists, a hilarious British sitcom, and have always wanted to try detecting. I picked up a second hand detector at a yard sale and have just barely started detecting. So far I've found nothing of value but am having a blast.
    Look at all those stupid bottle caps I found. Ha.
  22. Making terrariums. Again, very low key. I've made three, but I love them.