What? The? Hell? Is? This?!

This is from the high school my kids went to.
  1. This is the boys bathroom in the cafeteria. The only boys bathroom in that small building, which just houses the cafeteria.
    Two thousand kids attend - two lunches - one thousand kids per lunch.
  2. That's right. Sink, urinal, toilet all right there. This is NOT a one person bathroom. They're not all in the picture, but that's a bank of three connected urinals.
  3. No door whatsoever. You've just got to be very comfortable pooping in front of guys who are peeing and washing their hands and assumably not watching you poop, but probably watching a little bit.
  4. Also, three urinals, one toilet, one sink. Four places to do your business, only one place to clean up. Not good. It's all not good. Every part of this room is not good.